About Go.Digital

5 Years ago we asked ourselves why is it that digital services have not been democratized so that every business could access quality digital talent without breaking the bank? Why can’t people be their own intrapreneurs and achieve work-life balance being their own bosses? Why couldn’t we take what we’d learned running a traditional agency and train more individuals to create immense value for SME’s – the lifeblood of African economies?

Then Covid-19 Ironically made that need even more urgent – so we set out on a mission to create the widest change possible in line with the values of ownership; To improve the work we do with SME’s;  Enable the widest access to e-commerce without compromising quality; To bring the most dignity to African businesses through a platform they can understand, read and use with ease; To create a million jobs in the next 5 years through the power of enabling technology for African commerce; To build a lasting legacy of African pride, excellence and creativity that creates livelihoods and provides learning, growth and opportunity.

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